Harry Fletcher has a long history of involvement in campaigning on stalking issues culminating in the introduction of new laws in November 2012 and the establishment of the All Part Group on Stalking and Harassment in October 2013. Here is a brief history of his work.

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  1. Harry joined Diana Lamplugh’s working party looking into the need for laws in 1995, it took evidence which then led to the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.
  2.  In December 2010 Harry was invited to join the Association of Chief Police Officer’s working party on harassment, which was looking into the effectiveness or otherwise of the 1997 Act.
  3. Harry suggested in his first meeting in January 2011 that they run a parliamentary campaign to try to establish whether there was a need for further legislation.
  4. Harry approached  Elfyn Llwyd MP with Laura Richards of Protection against Stalking who was the only delegate at the Police meeting to offer support, in March 2011 to discuss the issues. This led to the setting up of an  Independent  Parliamentary Inquiry.
  5. Harry along with Laura Richards became an advisors to that group.
  6. Together, with Delyth Jewell from Plaid Cymru they developed the aims and objectives of that group and arranged for evidence sessions.
  7. During 2012, over 50 parliamentarians were lobbied and all offered their support.
  8. The advisors were involved in writing the majority of the report during the latter part of 2011. The Report was then published in February 2012.
  9. In March 2012 the PM announced that new stalking laws would come soon and invited the advisors to assist with the drafting.
  10. The laws became effective in November 2012. The Home Office described the success of the campaign as unique.
  11. During May and June 2013, Harry contacted over 35 parliamentarians from both Houses and all Parties and asked them whether they would consider being members of an All Party Group on Stalking and Harassment.
  12. During June and July 2013  Harry drafted jointly with Delyth Jewell the objectives and aims of the group and asked Elfyn to be chair.
  13. Harry raised nearly £1 million for Paladin – the National Stalking Advocacy Service, which opened in May 2013.

Current work

Harry is now working with the perpetrators clinic to establish the feasibility of a health based intervention for women victims and to liaise with parliamentarians over the funding of the perpetrator programme.

He is a consultant for Napo the Probation and Family Court Trade Union and will be holding a brief for continuing to campaign on domestic violence, stalking and harassment issues; in particular the impact of the introduction of the private sector to those areas of work.

Harry has also agreed to be a Board Member of Action Scotland Against Stalking.